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The Rose Garden

Welcome to The Rose Garden, where we look to offer those considering abortion a life affirming alternative.

For couples ready to provide a loving adoptive home we offer an opportunity to post a profile.

For a birth mother it's the opportunity to view profiles of individual couples who are ready to adopt.

A Baby's Breath's ("ABB") Rose Garden is a support group for couples looking to adopt a child. ABB does not provide any background investigation services and makes no representations to prospective couples or to those considering placing a child up for adoption. Any adoption process initiated must proceed in conformity with the applicable governmental laws and requirements . Those utilizing the Rose Garden support Group acknowledge that ABB is not responsible for any difficulties or problems associated with the adoption process or the failure to complete the adoption process. All those utilizing the Rose Garden support group in any way agree to release and hold ABB harmless for any and all claims, causes of action, alleged or actual damages associated with the adoption and/or the failure of the completion of the adoption process.

Monica & Jason

Monica and Jason

We are ready to start a new chapter in our lives and look forward to a new beginning. We are dedicated in raising your child in a home filled with love, security and lots of laughter. We are excited to share holidays, family vacations, playing in the park, family dinners, bedtime stories and prayer.

We will be supportive to your child in all their dreams. We will provide the tools they need to accomplish their goals. We will encourage your child to get a great education. Your child will have the choice in extracurricular activities that include sports, music, art and more.

We appreciate that you have taken the time to learn about us through our profile. Thank you for considering us to parent your child. We admire your courage in making the most difficult decision. You are being noble so your child will have many great opportunities.

We are so grateful for you to consider us to guide and cherish your baby throughout their life. Your child will know how precious they are and that they are our special gift from God.

Amber & Andy

Amber and Andy

We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to possibly be a part of you and your child's life. We cannot imagine the depth of the diffi cult decisions that you have before you. Considering adoption for your child is absolutely the most selfl ess act of love a parent can make, and for that we admire you.

We look forward to building a relationship with you in an open adoption. We will be very generous in sharing photos and emails of the child as he/she grows. We will be very open in explaining the adoption as the child reaches the age of understanding and will always be willing to share any information we may have with them if they are inclined.

We wish you the best throughout this journey and hope to meet you someday soon!

Charlotte & Scott

Charlotte and Scott

Hello from Charlotte and Scott. Please take our hand and walk down the beach with us. We admire you for considering an adoption plan for your child. We want to learn about your hopes and dreams for your child. As we walk with our toes in the sand, we want to tell you a little bit about our lives. We want to tell you how we can make your hopes and dreams for your child come true. We wish you the comfort and peace of the waves and salt air.

Thank you for walking together with us on this journey…